A young family of five needed a place to play games, watch movies, relax with friends and do homework. With a love of texture, organic shapes and chocolate we had some fun with the design details! The idea of chocolate was the inspiration for faux painted leather walls. It instantly warmed up the large 750 square foot space and made it cozy. The biggest design challenge was the angled ceiling, which could not be changed because it was the roof line. The solution was to incorporate it in the custom built-in desk and entertainment unit to turn it into a focal point. It then gave the room even more personality and interest. A custom built 11’L x 7’W upholstered sectional in soft chenille fabric with faux fur pillows, was positioned in front of the flat screen TV for movies and gaming. The cutting edge electronics were housed in a 15′ wall unit that included frosted glass in the cabinetry above, that produced a beautiful glowing edge lit effect in the evening. Now when anyone enters the room they just say “WOW!”