A Westchester NY home had an empty 1300 Square foot basement to renovate. The young family of four requested the space be multi-purpose.

The main room was for the adults to entertain family and friends with a Sports Theme. It included a unique bar designed with beautiful granite countertops, custom cabinetry and appliances. A pool table and dartboard provided grown up activity while a large high def. TV in custom built-in cabinetry was viewable from all parts of the room for watching sports and family movies. The cabinetry was designed to incorporate the window above the TV and showcase sports memorabilia that the couple had collected. Framed and signed jerseys were also hung on the wall. A 10’ x 6’ fully custom sectional was created for maximum seating and viewing.

A workout room, children’s playroom and full bathroom were also included in the space-planning for a multi-purpose destination that the whole family, especially the young girls, would enjoy.

Other important renovation details included the addition of steps and a cellar door leading up to the outside, larger windows to conform to egress code, walled in space at the perimeter of the main room to hide the mechanical equipment and for additional storage, and the use of porcelain “wood” tile for the floor in the children’s play area.