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Design Newsletter, Late Fall 2020

We have developed a Good, Better, Best tiered Design approach to be of help to those who want to make the most of their time and investment and to move on with their lives in the most comfortable way possible. Where do YOU fit in?

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Design Newsletter, Fall 2020

Our FEATURE STORY for our Fall Design Newsletter updates you on our Cape Cod vacation home project, going strong for over a year. Furniture was just delivered and placed and we are on to the final details. Take a look! 

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Design Newsletter, Spring 2020

How has your routine and pass time activities changed since remaining home during the pandemic? If you need a change of scenery, a place to finally add a home office or are ready to tackle an addition for more space, just know that we are here to help you get started! 

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The common element throughout is good design. There’s always a reason why an element is chosen for a certain place, whether it’s a colorful painting in a room or a specific fabric on a chair. There’s also a functionality to every item that is unique to each project’s solution. It’s sort of like an oversized jigsaw puzzle with a place and reason for each piece.

“Your rooms are like a painting. Each component is a brushstroke to create the whole picture. It’s magic every time!”