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Sharon T. ~ White Plains, NY

“I wanted to renovate my entire small one bedroom condo and needed a professional who could design and decorate the entire condo. I planned to renovate the condo so that I could sell it and buy a bigger place…

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High Point Market Finds & Trends

Fall Market in High Point NC did not disappoint this season! The focus was a more personalized expression, living with the things you love. This style being named HYGGE (pronounced Hugga) which is the idea that the ‘good stuff’ is located inside our homes…

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Purchase, NY Refresh

A wonderful family has enjoyed almost 20 years in their home and is planning to enjoy 20 more! They decided that they wanted it to be refreshed and feel like a brand new home…

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Seeing RED

Red was shown in accessories, upholstery and textiles in Hight Point NC Fall Market. It paired nicely with our favorite neutrals adding excitement and energy…

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Design Newsletter, Fall 2017

The new 2018 Color of the Year, Caliente AF-290, showed up in many manufacturer showrooms in our trip this month to High Point NC for the annual Fall Market. Red was shown in accessories, upholstery and textiles. It paired nicely with our favorite neutrals adding excitement and energy…

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Secret Project, Stay Tuned!

We have a SECRET PROJECT  in the works! DW Design & Decor & CJ Guilliano of the CCI Group have something fun planned for 2018. No hints…(but it involves a screen…) Stay Tuned! 

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Orange You Happy It’s October?

The color that best represents the season and this time of year is ORANGE! We love it in all its forms, from warmer red-orange to brighter yellow-orange to its more rust-brown relative. Whatever the hue, it’s a comfortable and inviting color that can be enjoyed year round…

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The common element throughout is good design. There’s always a reason why an element is chosen for a certain place, whether it’s a colorful painting in a room or a specific fabric on a chair. There’s also a functionality to every item that is unique to each project’s solution. It’s sort of like an oversized jigsaw puzzle with a place and reason for each piece.

“Your rooms are like a painting. Each component is a brushstroke to create the whole picture. It’s magic every time!”