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Jean H. ~ Croton-On-Hudson, NY

“Denise of DW Design and Decor LLC was a pleasure to work with. I found Denise to be creative, flexible and extremely knowledgeable. She has gift for color and design. She turned our wish list into a beautiful reality and in doing so transformed my home from drab to completely Fab!!! I would highly recommend her!”

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Orchid Show, Botanical Gardens

Spectacular colors were seen in a vast array of unusual orchids at this special event held in the Spring. Mother Nature has certainly given us a beautiful palette to work with for our gardens & our homes!

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MET: Islamic Art Exhibit NYC

The interest in travel to the Middle East that had earlier spawned a vast travel literature in Europe caught on in America as well. At international expositions, governments of the Near East erected pavilions in which objects and parts of buildings were shown and afterwards sold to American. The Metropolitans collection has continued to grow….

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Artist: Eric Laxman, Metal & Stone

Artist Eric David Laxman sculpts substantial and elegant pieces. His chosen materials are metal and stone. He takes those raw composites and energetically transforms them into something at once very real and highly conceptual.

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The Ultimate Spacesaver

Watch how a small area can be transformed from a sleeping area into a lounge area before your eyes. Remarkable engineering! This was the highlight of my visit to the ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair, NYC 2012

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Sotheby’s Auction House, NYC

Sotheby’s was founded in London on March 11, 1744, when Samuel Baker auctioned “several hundred scarce and valuable books” from the library of Sir John Stanley for a few hundred pounds. Since then, Sotheby’s has distinguished itself as a leader in the auction world…

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Greenport Long Island, NY

Once a major whaling port with two dozen whaling ships, this town is rich in history.
Located on the “other fork” of Long Island, opposite Montauk Point, this quaint town is not only beautiful in the summer, but comes alive with Holiday Magic in December too!

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Architectural Digest Home Show

The annual Architectural Digest Home Show at Pier 94 in NYC attracts the work of many manufacturers and artists. There is also a special section called ‘Dining By Design’. Dozens of wildly creative dining environments are created and on view as part of a fundraising gala event, to benefit AIDS research.

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Artist: Denise Wenacur, Rendering

Denise Wenacur creates renderings in a variety of media, depending on the desired end result. They give insight into the interior solution before it is completed. Watercolors and pen and ink are some of her favorites.

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Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Denise Wenacur was asked to participate at the Architectural Digest Home Design show as a Design Consultant. Attendees received 15 minute complimentary design consultations,viewed beautiful fashions for their home, and left with some great ideas.

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The common element throughout is good design. There’s always a reason why an element is chosen for a certain place, whether it’s a colorful painting in a room or a specific fabric on a chair. There’s also a functionality to every item that is unique to each project’s solution. It’s sort of like an oversized jigsaw puzzle with a place and reason for each piece.

“Your rooms are like a painting. Each component is a brushstroke to create the whole picture. It’s magic every time!”