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NY Now 2016

This ‘To The Trade Only’ show allows retailers and designers to view new design-focused resources from around the world. It includes innovative products, home decor, furnishings and home textiles to view as well at tabletop and gourmet housewares.

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Functional Geometry Newsletter, January 2016

Our Big Feature this month is a design solution for a living room that we called “Functional Geometry.” The room was rectangular and so were many of the architectural elements. We played off these shapes in our fabrics and furnishings to create a sophisticated, calming atmosphere….

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A NYC Holiday

Our family tradition during the Holidays is to come into the city to have some fun and see the sights. This year we started by visiting the Historical NYC Public Library. We were amazed by the intricate wood carvings in the ceilings and the soaring columns with decorative detail. We stumbled upon a photography exhibit entitled ‘The Public Eye’ that ran the gamut from old to new images…

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Aspire Magazine

We are thrilled to be included in the Side Chat article in Aspire Magazine written by Jennifer Quail! The topic ~Inspiration from antique and vintage items…

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Best of Market Issue

The Magazine just published this interesting article highlighting what we can expect for Home Fashions in 2016 and the role of Interior Designers in helping clients make the right decisions. I was even quoted a couple of times too!

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Nature Photographer: Holly Miller-Pollack

“I was raised in a quiet suburb of New York City. I was fortunate to have grown up where I did since I have always been a child of nature, finding happiness in the quiet of the open spaces far away from the noise and hectic pace of the city…”

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Holiday House for Breast Cancer Research

I joined the WithIt NY chapter to tour the Holiday House in NYC. It was located at The Academy Mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Individual rooms were decorated by many talented Interior Designers in Holiday themes celebrating life’s special occasions. The entry donation benefitted The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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Trends Report for 2016

The big High Point Furniture and Accessory Market in North Carolina was hustling and bustling this October! A tribute to a stronger economy and renewed interest in designers and retailers helping clients to refresh and renovate homes…

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The common element throughout is good design. There’s always a reason why an element is chosen for a certain place, whether it’s a colorful painting in a room or a specific fabric on a chair. There’s also a functionality to every item that is unique to each project’s solution. It’s sort of like an oversized jigsaw puzzle with a place and reason for each piece.

“Your rooms are like a painting. Each component is a brushstroke to create the whole picture. It’s magic every time!”